Friday, 21 December 2018

#CelebrateSTARS #starSOIL legacy filming opportunity

Invitation to make a Soil Science Film at the STARS Conference

In order to help create a lasting legacy from the #STARSoil College, we are providing the opportunity to #CelebrateSTARS and make some short Soil Science films with a professional film team led by Roger Appleton.

Roger and his team will be at the conference Tuesday morning until Thursday lunchtime and will be based in a room close to the conference action.  We are looking for volunteer small groups of say 2-6 all of you to self-organise and form around thematic areas of your passion and choice.  In the groups we want it to be a mix of students with more experienced scientists together and we wish to film you sitting around a table, talking, reflecting and debating on your chosen topic.  It may be for example - say soil erosion, soil carbon - or anything soil related indeed that lights your fire.  One dynamic that Roger thinks works well is when earlier career scientists quiz the older scientists.  Roger’s experience says that you don’t need to worry too much about scripting and planning, it works well if perhaps the a few questions are planned in advance, but mostly natural free flowing conversation works best.  A filming session may take about 30-45 minutes maximum with a final film of about 5-10 minutes.  You will have full opportunity to see the draft before it is published on the web.

So, we are calling for volunteers, maybe 4 or 5 groups over the duration of the conference. You will have to work out a best time to fit the session in or around the conference schedule, but we are hoping this will be a great opportunity to create an inspiring legacy!

If you have alternative approaches you would like to suggest, your ideas are welcome too.

Please see Phil Haygarth, Roger Appleton or Olivia Lawrenson if you are interested at the meeting - or email before



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