Tuesday, 25 September 2007

IWAM Forming Workshop 19th September 2007, Interview with Bob Evans (Anglia Ruskin University)

IWAM Forming Workshop 19th September 2007, Defra Science and Policy Requirements by Emma Hennessey (Defra)

IWAM Forming Workshop 19th September 2007, Introduction and Objectives by Kit Macleod (IGER)

IWAM Forming Workshop 19th September 2007, Welcome and Introduction by Phil Haygarth (IGER)

Integrating Water and Agricultural Management: Forming Workshop

We would like to thank the participants of our first workshop (19th September) for their valuable contributions and suggestions. Throughout the day high quality responses to the three questions we posed were provided (see below). If we are to make significant progress towards integrating how we manage our rural landscape and inland water bodies then ecologists, social and economic scientists need to be more involved along with more policy makers.

We will post the introductory presentations by Phil Haygarth (IGER), Kit Macleod (IGER) and Emma Hennessey (Defra) so that a wider set of researchers and science and policy staff at Defra can become more involved in Integrating Water and Agricultural Management (IWAM).

Three questions:
1) How to improve links between research scientists and Defra science and policy staff?
2) How could the evidence base be improved?
3) What themes can we use to review the evidence base?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN): annual conference

Sustainable Development Research Network
The Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN) aims to contribute to sustainable development in the UK by encouraging the better use of evidence and research in policy-making. Membership of SDRN is free and open to all.

Annual Conference : Thursday 20th September 2007
Presentations online at:

Implementing sustainable development: progress and challenges
Industrial ecology
Placemaking and sustainable Development
Citizenship and behaviour change
Health and the environment

Thursday, 6 September 2007

The GRASP Workshop

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Yesterday the PE0120 'GRASP' team held their worskhop with 60 delagates attending from the worskhop. It was a successful and rewarding venture for the whole team and the details of the feedback, and some podcasts etc, will emerge in due course - meanwhile here are some snaps. Phil

International P Workshop

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We are currently at the international P workshop in the beautiful Lake District region of Silkebourg in Denmark. The meeting is very well organized and there are many new land water related issues that will be reported on in more detail in this blog in the weeks to come. Meanwhile here are some snaps of the excursion on the Lakes, with many images of the delagates - feel free to download. Phil