Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Recruiting - Phosphorus PhD project at Lancaster University and Rothamsted

We have an exciting PhD studentship oportunity and we are seeking high quality applicants.

This fully funded PhD studentship is part of the NERC ENVISION Doctoral Training Programme and is an excellent opportunity to work on the development of novel measures for tracing phosphorus

This project will use a novel stable isotope technique to better understand phosphorus (P) cycling within the plant-soil-water system. By advancing fundamental understanding of P biogeochemistry, the project seeks to address challenges related to plant nutrition and agricultural production, alongside the protection of water quality. The supervisory team offers access to knowledge and facilities related to phosphate oxygen isotope research across the UK and Europe.

The key objectives of this studentship will be to:
1) Understand the partitioning of newly-applied P between individual soil P pools;
2) Understand the bioavailability of P within individual soil P pools, and the mechanisms through which P in these pools is accessed by organisms;
3) Understand the mobility of soil and plant P fractions within soil water and the risk of export of P in runoff or leachate from the plant-soil system.

For Full details please see The Envision Site

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Trying to save the (phosphorus) world!

Untitled by Soil & Water Science
Untitled, a photo by Soil & Water Science on Flickr.
I am just back from an exciting Phosphorus Research Collaboration Network meeting, funded by the US National Science Foundation, in Pheonix, Az, USA. The meeting was very well organized by Jim Elser and Helen Rowe, and we have come up with a 5 year work plan to come together on some potentially high impact papers issues of phosphorus sustainability. Jim and Helen looked after us very well and on one of the work days we actually spent working outdoors - in the Desert Botantical Gardens. All my photos can be viewed here.