Friday, 21 December 2018

Announcing a #STARSoil Special Issue #CelebrateSTARS

Announcing a Special Issue for the STARS CDT in the European Journal of Soil Science

“Innovations in Soil Science to address Global Grand Challenges”

Editors Phil Haygarth, Guy Kirk and Davey Jones


The Soils Training and Research Studentships (STARS) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) is a UK NERC and BBSRC funded consortium of eight universities and research institutes from around England, Scotland and Wales training the next generation of soil scientists. We have just entered the peak phase where we have 40 PhD students in the college and in January we will be celebrating this with a three-day conference to be held at the Low Wood Hotel, Lake Windermere (Lake District), with organization and presentations from students as well as a number of international guest speakers. This provides the perfect timing and opportunity to propose a special issue to be published in EJSS because it is a BSSS journal working with the British Soils CDT. Volunteer papers comprised of teams of students and supervisors are now encouraged around the theme of the STARS CDT ‘Innovations in Soil Science to address Global Grand Challenges’ and around the STARS sub themes

- 1. Understanding the soil–root interface
- 2. Soils and the delivery of ecosystem services
- 3. Resilience and response of functions in soil systems
- 4. Modelling the soil ecosystem at different spatial and temporal scales

The timetable:

End December 2018: STARS and EJSS reach agreement on principle and agree modus operandi; start to form the Editorial team. DONE
Early January 2019: Launch concept by email and ask for proposed authors to signal intent and title DONE
Mid-January 2019: Promotion at STARS conference.
End January 2019: Corresponding authors send provisional papers titles and author list to
April–June 2019: Window for receipt of papers.
End December 2019: Reviews, responses, revision and resubmission to be complete.

All papers will be subject to strict independent peer review. It is primarily open to STARS PhD students and supervisors in the first instance, but other relevant soils PhD students are welcome to enquire


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