Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Science for Environment Policy

The DG Environment News Alert on new scientific evidence is a website designed to promote new, timely and relevant information for environmental policy making. An example is a recent paper by
Scholz G., Quinton J.N. and Strauss P. (2007) “Soil erosion from sugar beet in Central Europe in response to climate change induced seasonal precipitation variations” , Catena, doi:10.1016/j.catena.2007.04.005.

Monday, 8 October 2007

2007 National Conference on Agriculture & the Environment

The 2007 National Conference on Agriculture & the Environment is a consortium of university and private researchers, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies with an interest and expertise in agriculture and natural resource protection. The purpose of the conference is three-fold: (1) to highlight trends in data collection methodologies and data findings; (2) examine case studies in agricultural and environmental stewardship; and (3) foster the cross pollination of new ideas, technologies, and methodologies among leading resource protection professionals.
The conference will focus on the following main session topics:
• Water Quality Monitoring: Data, Methodology, Trends & Advancements
• Exemplary programs for agricultural water quality monitoring
• Watershed surface and ground water monitoring
• Monitoring for on-farm management practices and pollution prevention
• Monitoring for TMDLs, beneficial uses, ag waiver policies
• Trends in research methodology and findings
• Food Safety & Environmental Protection: Conflicts and Compatibilities
• Food safety research studies and findings
• Food safety policy: regulation, marketing, and agricultural practices
• Agricultural environmental policy
• Demonstrated conflicts between food safety and environmental protection
• Areas of compatibility between food safety and environmental protection
• Agricultural & Environmental Innovations
• Technological advancements
• Environmental compliance and permit coordination
• Conservation practices
• Water use efficiency
• Practice innovations
• Urban, rural, and agricultural outreach
• Case studies in Timber Management
• The Sustainability Factor: Exploring the nexus between agricultural and environmental sustainability
• Sustainability defined
• Local movements toward sustainability
• Business & economic implications of environmental protection
• Agricultural Interfaces: Exploring the interfaces between agriculture, natural resources, and local communities
• Agricultural & Urban interfaces
• Agricultural & Riparian/Slough/Wetland interfaces
• Conservation Easements
• Case studies in timber management
• Rangeland management and stewardship

NERC CASE PhD Studentship in Geography at Exeter

NERC CASE PhD Studentship in Geography

Dr Richard Brazier and Dr Andrew Nicholas along with Professor Phil Haygarth from the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER) will be supervising a NERC CASE award PhD starting in January 2008. The project aims both to further understanding and to develop a predictive tool of the dynamics of intensively managed grasslands and how they impact upon water quality. The research will employ field, laboratory and numerical modelling techniques to address this highly topical area of research. Further details of this opportunity can be found at:
Closing date for completed applications is 1st November 2007.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Science Theme Leaders: a great opportunity for you to become involved

One of our objectives at the Forming Workshop (19th September) was to map out themes to structure an initial review of the gaps and uncertainties of the evidence base. The combined themes from the breakout groups can be found here. We now require potential theme leaders to apply by 26th October 2007, click here for more details.

International Workshop: Agriculture, Water Management and Climate Change

As part of our water coordination activities for Defra we would like to invite you to register and submit an abstract for our international workshop. Further details including themes and confirmed keynote speakers can be found at
Closing date for registrations and abstract submission is 30th November 2007.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Post doc positions at Lancaster

Louise Heathwaite is advertising for two exciting new post doc positions at Lancaster University in CSWM - for more details click here