Wednesday, 14 January 2009

EA Best Farming Practice guide

The Environment Agency have produced a very useful guide for farmers 'Best Farming Practice' that is full of practical ideas to reduce costs and help protect the environment. A couple of farmers have told me that they think this is a very helpful guide. It has a style very similar to Farmers Weekly. Well done the EA.

Revised Code of Good Agricultural Practice

Defra have recently published 'Protecting our Water, Soil and Air: A Code of Good Agricultural Practice for farmers, growers and land managers (the ‘CoGAP’)' this useful guide integrates updated versions of the former three separate codes for water, soil and air. The publication offers practical interpretation of legislation and provides good advice on best practice; ‘good agricultural practice’ means a practice that minimises the risk of causing pollution while protecting natural resources and allowing economic agriculture to continue.

Monday, 12 January 2009

RELU workshop on Expert Systems for Natural Resource Management

Tobias Krueger (UEA) is organising a very interesting RELU Workshop on "Expert Systems For Natural Resources Management"14th January 2009. They are inviting project teams with both social and natural science interests in the development of Expert Systems to a workshop to share knowledge and experience. The workshop will explore technical issues in the design of Expert Systems and in elicitation approaches for expert knowledge.

Inter- and Transdisciplinary Problem Framing Conference

td-net for Transdisciplinary Research: Transdisciplinarity Conference 2008
This interesting conference raised and addressed the important issue of problem framing.