Thursday, 23 April 2020

Virtual EGU Phosphorus Session Information #PhosphorusEGU20 #shareEGU20

I am pleased to share the information about the 2020 EGU Phosphorus Session below - please share


We are looking forward to hosting our EGU Phosphorus session online:

 to provide a stimulating session covering the 25 abstracts submitted.

We want to offer two exciting ways that will help you to get the best profile from your work and bring combined messages to the community even though we can’t all meet personally in Vienna.

What we are offering:

1). We are offering an online audio-visual discussion using Zoom (09.30 to 10.30 CET Tues 5th May) running immediately prior to the official EGU session. This consists of (i) an introduction to the P system of crop production, environmental cycling and recycling-recovery that we address, (ii) a keynote summary presentation (Prof. P. Haygarth, Lancaster Uni, UK) and (iii) a structured group discussion and preparation for the official EGU session.

2). The official EGU online session (10.45 to 12.30 CET Tues 5th May).  This online chat discussion session will aim to give profile to the summaries of all the uploaded materials. These presentations are available for the audience to have looked at more fully prior to our events.

What we would like you to do:
•       All abstract authors please submit a file (see guidance: onto the EGU platform where it will be available to view until end of May. We would encourage that you make the best use of brevity and clear messages to increase impact of your file. Ideally short PowerPoint or video files accompanied by speaking help make the presentation material come alive. PLEASE, give a first slide (or first part) to your presentation with an overall take-home, one sentence message. This summary page may be accompanied with one image (like a graphical abstract). We hope to use summaries during the official session as we convene the discussion (at the very least we will transfer the text of each take-home message into the session).

•       Register for an invitation to the Zoom session by sending an email to: This will allow us to manage the participation. We would like attendence to be open more widely, so if you have colleagues interested, please ask them also to register for Zoom session participation.

We are looking forward to bringing a great discussion drawing on your materials from around the world.

Best wishes from the convener team,
Marc Stutter
Andreas Voegelin
Sylvia Walter
Thilo Behrends