Thursday, 19 March 2020

Coronavirus Update - NO Alternative Organic Phosphorus Workshop in September

A group of us met and decided that in the light of latest and developments with the coronavirus that we are not going ahead with this in September. We did, however, agree to keep alive the possibility of a similar interim event, to be considered whenever there is more clarity, and we will keep in touch if this option emerges. We also agreed to try to make sure that, notwithstanding, a more substantial Organic P Workshop in 2021+ does happen for the community. This call is initially with the Swedes, and if not them, it will be passed on. We will keep in touch whatever. What a difference a week makes…..sorry for the false hope, and stay safe folks, Phil

Friday, 13 March 2020

Register of Interest - Alternative Organic Phosphorus Workshop 2020?

Dear Colleagues,

Register of Interest and Hold the Date - Alternative Organic Phosphorus Workshop 2020?

As you are aware, the Organic Phosphorus 2020 meeting scheduled to be held in Sweden in September has been cancelled. Having consulted with our Swedish colleagues, we are exploring the possibility of hosting an alternative workshop in Lancaster, UK.  Given the relatively short notice, this would be a scaled-down and simpler version of the original meeting, with the aim of bringing together those in the discipline to exchange research findings and discuss ideas for future work.  It looks like we have capacity for maximum of 60.  We are in the early stages of forming a small organizing group with colleagues from Lancaster University and Sweden.

Many of you had already submitted an abstract for the Sweden meeting, and we are aware of others who were planning to submit something but didn’t due to the cancellation. At this stage, could you indicate by return email whether you would be interested in attending and presenting at a meeting in Lancaster, the northwest of England during the week of 6 September (the same dates of the original meeting)?

Please use the email address to register interest by 18th March 2020.  Once we have this indication of numbers, we aim to make a firmer announcement by the end of March. 

Of course, this is all coronavirus permitting!

With best regards,

Phil Haygarth (Lancaster University)
Ben Turner (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)