Monday, 13 August 2007

Report and Horizon scanning: Environment Research Funders' Forum

The Environment Research Funders' Forum (ERFF) brings together the UK's major public sector sponsors of environmental science, aiming to make best possible use of funding.
Report: 'Using Research to Inform Policy: the Role of Interpretation'
One reason why effective use of research by policy makers is not achieved is because of the challenges of interpretation. Effective interpretation requires that staff in government departments and agencies communicate their needs in a way that can be understood by researchers. Likewise, researchers and intermediaries are required to communicate information from their research in a way that can be used by these staff. This study examines how interpretation is provided for government departments and agencies in the UK. A useful set of recommendations and guidelines for good practice are provided that will improve integration at the science-policy divide if followed by the ERFF member organisations.
Horizon scanning study: 'dimensions of uncertainty'
Horizon scanning study on the most important 'dimensions of uncertainty' for the environment that may impact on the the UK in the next 20 years. If you would like to contribute please email

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