Friday, 18 September 2015

Joining it all up (from south west Finland)

I have just spent an inspiring few days with John Quinton visiting the Pyhajarvi Instituutti at Eura on Lake Pyhajarvi, in south west Finland.  We were hosted by Director Teija Kirkkala and her team and what was so impressive was the inter-connected vision for the institute.  The Institute has a joined up focus connecting nutrient use, farm management, lake water quality with human food demands and consumption.  The entire philsophy for the region was to join it all up so that issues of soil health were dealt with alongside market demands and also water quality.  This is I think a philsophy that we need to encourage to progress an intergrated future for food production and environmental quality......

And on a personal note John and I managed, at no extra cost and with no extra time, to cycle to and from the Institure from Turku Airport using hire bikes.  Joining up quality of life with quality of work..

Joining it all up.....

Here is a link to the photos of the farms and the lake visits 
Here is a link to the photos of the bike ride

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