Friday, 12 April 2013

Mount Etna Fireworks Live: LEC students chose to work rather than eat pizza.....

Excuse the departure from soil and water, but I just got this exciting email this morning from Dr Mike James and colleagues who are on a field trip in Sicily.

Mike's email said:

"LEC's 2013 Volcanic Processes Field Course to Sicily has been treated to some of Mt. Etna's best firework displays. On Wednesday the group of 20 undergraduate and postgraduate students, along with three visiting students from across Europe saw small ash plumes from Etna's active vent. However, this was only the prelude to a sustained fire fountaining event that started on Thursday evening and is continuing now (06:30, Friday morning). The fireworks have been accompanied by explosions that have been large enough to rattle windows where we stay in Nicolosi, 10 km from the volcano. In an unusual move on Thursday evening, students voted to do work (volcano observations) rather than be taken out to eat free pizza!"

The photos below were taken by LEC's Dr Mike James and Dr Steve Lane.

 Nice one folks!  


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