Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Conference on Wicked Governance 10th March

Conference Programme
l ‘Wicked’ Thinking for Water Resource Management – Laurence Smith, SOAS
l Are Water and Sanitation Problems ‘Wicked’? – Dr Frances Cleaver, SOAS
l What is Governance? How Can Water Governance Be Improved? – Prof Tony Allan, SOAS and King’s College, London
l Water Governance and Water Law Principles: Synergies and Tensions – Dr Philippe Cullet, SOAS
l Public Participation in Trans-boundary Water Governance: What Can We Learn From the
Volta River Basin in West Africa? – Dr Sam Wong, University of Leeds
l Building Capabilities for Adaptive Integrated Water Resources Management in
KwaZulu Natal, South Africa – Dr John Colvin, Open University
l Integrated Water Management: How to Deal with Household Water Needs – Dr Jeroen Ensink, LSHTM
l Access to Safe Water in the Slums of the Developing World – Dr Hulya Dagdeviren and Simon Robertson,
University of Hertfordshire
l Privatisation and Water Governance: What Went Wrong and Where to Next? – Dr Kate Bayliss, SOAS, and Dr Jeff Tan,
Aga Khan University
l Distilling or Diluting? Addressing ‘Wicked’ Problems at the Research-Policy Interface – Dr Frances Cleaver, SOAS
l ‘Wicked’ Solutions for Water Resources Protection – Laurence Smith, SOAS
l Final Panel – Prof Jeff Waage, LIDC; Prof Sandy Cairncross, LSHTM;
Tom Slaymaker, WaterAid

To reserve a place (lunch included) contact: admin@lidc.bloomsbury.ac.uk
Tel: 020 7958 8251
London International Development Centre
36 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PD

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