Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Integrating Water and Agricultural Management: Forming Workshop

We would like to thank the participants of our first workshop (19th September) for their valuable contributions and suggestions. Throughout the day high quality responses to the three questions we posed were provided (see below). If we are to make significant progress towards integrating how we manage our rural landscape and inland water bodies then ecologists, social and economic scientists need to be more involved along with more policy makers.

We will post the introductory presentations by Phil Haygarth (IGER), Kit Macleod (IGER) and Emma Hennessey (Defra) so that a wider set of researchers and science and policy staff at Defra can become more involved in Integrating Water and Agricultural Management (IWAM).

Three questions:
1) How to improve links between research scientists and Defra science and policy staff?
2) How could the evidence base be improved?
3) What themes can we use to review the evidence base?

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