Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Special Issue On Organic Phosphorus

Move fast folks….. I am delighted to inform you that the complete special issue entitled Organic Phosphorus: Potential Solutions for Phosphorus Security in Plant and Soil, from our Workshop, is now complete and available free to download for 1 month only now here.  This was lead edited by mysef with Daniel Blackburn and Philippe Hinsinger, plus it includes for papers from my team.

A related paper from the Workshop by  myself and Tony 'AF' Harrison and Ben Turner is also available to read in the European Journal of Soil Science Anniversary Issue here.

That’s me signing off now from OP2016 Workshop Organizing. Last one from OP2016 turn off the lights….. Next stop OP2019 Sweden…..

Cheers, Phil

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Welcome Anchen to he mysterious world of Phosphine!

It was my pleasure to welcome Anchen Kehler to Lancaster University today. Anchen has recently started studying for her PhD with Dr Martin Blackwell at Rothamsted Research and myself as her supevisors. Anchen is focussing on he mysterious world of phosphine gas, a little-researched compound of the phosphorus cycle that represents a potentially interesting means of cycling phosphourus that we really don't undertsand too well. Anchen is part of the STARS National Doctoral Training Centre, and for most of hear time is based at North Wyke in Devon. Welcome Anchen, you have some great potential and a really interesting subject!